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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ex-boyfriend using your nicknames to someone else

Hi everyone! Kamusta na?
It's been a long time since I wrote here.

So I started a discussion lately to a social networking site ( about my ex-boyfriend
and here is how it goes:
I was missing my ex-boyfriend lately, like we've been on and off for 4 years now. We used to call each other the nicknames we started 4 years ago. Now, since I didn't add him on facebook yet, I looked out for his name and found his profile with his pic on it. I messaged him with excitement, hoping to have a feedback.

The message goes:

"Hi Milk!

How are you? I miss you a lot!


A day later, I was notified that he accepted my friend request.
To my surprise, when I saw one of his albums entitled: "MILK & CHOCO"
I was stunned to see him with someone else canoodling and stuff.

I feel so stupid reading my message again, thinking, I added him only to find out that he's into someone else and they're using the same names we used to call each other 4 years ago.

How would you feel about that?
I don't know how to react.
Help me!

Please let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

just a quick post.

Maligayang bati sasarili ko.. haha.
Sana maging masaya ang buong araw ko.. haha.

I'm twenteen!
cheers everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What makes you good?

Simple, what makes me good is that I know I'm bad. While others are pretending to be good when they're actually bad.

Ordinary...Plain... and Simple isn't it?

Cheers everyone!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Twin

Happy Birthday Pong. I miss you.
You were the first friend I had when I enrolled in our school.
Thank you for being such a nice one.

Pretty? hehe of course! because we're the so-called twins of Mommy Juday! haha
ana lang.. amping pirmi Pong.
Stay humble and sweet.

I love yah. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Communication within the Family

It has already been said that a family that prays together stays together. But more importantly, the family that communicates with each other will grow stronger.

The family being the basic unit of the community is very vital for the growth of a certain nation. This, with no need of amplification, is a fact irrefutable.

But then, we are all witnesses of families crumbling down despite the material wealth they have. It is simply because they failed to talk. Thus, communication bridges all gaps. It transcends gender, caprices and even age. This must be given optimal value if we are to mold a strong family in our country. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm down to my lowest peak

sigh! All the stress out from the production down to term papers and exams. I am still undone.
Now I have to work my way out again from the major catastrophe I'm building. this is kinda unfair to them.. But It's my relief.

Days had been so tiring to enjoy. Rainy days and Mondays PLUS the flooding city of Butuan.
Who would want to go to school? when all my laundry is stuck under my bed?

My STATS on blogger has also gone to its lowest peak. sigh'
I am so lazy these past few weeks.
Too lazy to check on everything. I cant even read an article. Duhh..

Been drinkin' a lot with my friends.

That's all for now...

"Yawa ka kapoi! shot pa ta nah!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm not so healthy anymore

Along the two week holiday break was the Christmas Celebration and the New year's Eve. During those times it was like there were parties everywhere. Seeing Christmas decorations everywhere and hearing Christmas jingles in the stores. And because it's the season so the celebrations, you can never get rid of the endless count of delicious foods.

The traditional and most famous letchon is first on the list. It has been the Filipino's most wanted dish when it comes to food feasts. It has been that for generations. I really don't know how did it started or whoever cooked the first letchon. All I know is that, this is the most common cause for some heart ailments because it is a fatty food which is really rich in fats and high cholesterol, etc. These fats are transferred through the blood and enters the tiny little veins to the heart. Aside from inborn cases for the heart ailments, eating much of these could be a danger too.

I never learned to realize this when...

Two nights after the four major celebrations we had from that holiday break. I noticed that I felt some pains at the back of my neck. It was very painful but all I did was ignoring it because of the thought that it wouldn't last long. But I was wrong. It stayed overnight. The next day I then had a fever. I took some rest and medicated myself. We have a battery life BP gadget at home so I tested it myself.
I wrapped the thing around my arm, and pressed the button on the gadget. It was pumping air and then...
i heard "shhhhhhhhhhhhh" 

*beep* 130/80 is it normal?

HIGHBLOOD?? is that what they call it? I think I'm getting there. I'm  still 19! Oh no!
So i did a quick research about it on the internet. And I found this...

Age15-19 years
Systolic Range
(in mmHg)
Diastolic Range
(in mmHg)
                                                    click this linkfor more info about BP

So my BLOOD PRESSURE is above the average and the maximum rate of my age.
I'm really getting there. Sigh!

That's not the end yet.

FEW days later...
I was chatting with my friends online on Facebook.
Suddenly I felt another pain...
This time, it's not at back of my neck but at the center left of my chest.
I was in a total panic so i hurried myself to the kitchen and found myself something to drink.
Water! was not enough. the pain was still there. 
It really hurts like hell. seems like something's in there and punching it.
I could still breathe normally but it was uncomfortable.
I still managed to chat my friends while suffering the pain. they were telling me what to do.

Breathe in deeply and breathe out. I did that over and over until I sighed a relief and found out  the pain was gone.

Is it because of the letchon?
Is this a sign?
The BP?
The Chest Pain?
What could these all possibly mean?

Am I not so healthy anymore?