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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Someone asked me this morning...

Bearded guy:

"I have a question to ask and please reply in the most honest way...

Are you manly? I have nothing about gays who act like females, but I'm not really "out" so I want to hang out with someone who is also like me."

My answer:

"I totally understand how you feel.I was in a stage where I was looking out for best answers with the question:

'What am I really?'

If the word 'MANLY' for you is the type where you have to get all the muscles you could get, to cover your face with beards and mustaches, to drop your voice to meet the preference of the other guy. Hell no, honestly, that's not so me. 

We might not know each other so well yet. Not enough to tell who's manly, who's not. I can't really say I am, but most of the time people doubt me being gay. And what I do to prove them that I am is to wiggle a bit here and there and that way and this. It just sucks. I'm sick of doing things to please others.

Finally, I am 'OUT' now, 'out' to the people I know and to whoever wants to know me. 'Out' in a sense that I do not offend others. Letting them know who I am and what I do. It has to be me, comfortably and naturally. Although sometimes 'we' I mean the most of us, their feminine part just slip off and come out effortlessly. Say true. Seems like it does what it does.

Well I can't tell you, you should hang out with someone because of this and that. It's a matter of personal choice.That's where you are comfortable at. So be it.

For me, It doesn't matter who I am with.As long as the comfortableness is there being with the person, a bottle of rum, a glass, and we're good to go.

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