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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Haunting Me

Lately I've been seeing things from the past. The rainy days has been reminding me about some things I've done before. Each time I envision those things, I always get lonely. The pictures are blurry, it seems like I have forgotten something. I  think there's something hidden from the blocks of my memory. I get confused. I get hysterical.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A photo of my first love

This photo was taken last summer. This is actually the first time that I had a picture with my first love. 
I got nothing much to say yet.
I'll just drop a big... 
I ♥ YOU 
to my one and only 


Day nine- Ten ways to win your heart

1. Must have beard. (unshaved-good, shaved-better, slightly shaved-best!)  haha! kiliti! 

2. Sense of humor. 8 of 10

3. Preferably taller than me.

4. Stolen kisses. Lub much?

5. Hugs me from my back when I'm attempting to run away.

6. Knows how to make me smile when I'm unhappy.




10. Surprise me!!!

(assignment nalang muna 'tong tatlo. haha)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Eight- Ten of your favorite songs

My favorite songs are not actually the latest songs you hear today. But i'm sure all of them are memorable. Papa always told me that the latest songs doesn't last long rather than the classics and the oldies. He was more into the Beatles, Jim Croce, England Dan, Eric Clapton, BeeGees, and Etc--the bands in his time.

Mine's a little bit extracted from the oldies too but it doesn't mean I don't listen to the music of today's generation. In fact, I love listening to all kinds of music whether it be pop, jazz, rock metal, hardcore, house music, techno, trance, emo, ballad, blues, country music, and Opm. It doesn't matter as long as its good to hear, easy to understand, gives me a picture of what it says, and drives out my emotion, then that's my music.

So here's the list from Ten of my favorite songs...

1. Rocketeer- Far East Movement

2. I could not ask for more- Sarah Evans

3. Fall to pieces- Avril Lavigne

4. Head over Feet- Alanis Morisette

5. Every Little Thing- Dishwalla

6. Before I let you go- Freestyle

7. On My Own- Lea Salonga

8. Tonight- FM Static

9. Mama- Spice Girls

10. Any song from Callalily. :)

salamat sa time! 

:) cheers!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day Seven- Ten important people

This is tough! I'm sure those who won't be on the list and get to read this will surely hate me. haha. cheers!

1. Motherette
2. Fatherette
3. K.L.A.A.S. (Kramz, Lycah, Arnie, Star,  at Ako!) haha
4. Yanni & Pyang2x
4. Cha
5.  My three Aunts (Mama Nancy, Mama Grace & Mama Emily)
6. Ms. Hell
7. ABnoiz
8. Vains
9. Ninang
10. You :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day six- Ten items you cannot live without

Another delayed entry. :(

1. cellphone & charger

2 .internet

3. water

4. cigarettes

5. cash & coins

6. ID

7. hanky

8. solution

9. food much!

10. anything to do for progress.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Five- Ten wishes!!!

Lately I've been posting a wish on my FB account. here's the list:

1. A brand new phone: Nokia X3 touch & type. :3

2. To attend my first ever reunion with my elementary classmates in Bukidnon. Mama promised that to me. Sana matuloy.

3. To have our own house & lot. For us to settle down and won't have to rent houses anymore.

4. To have someone to love, be loved, & to grow old with. sigh!

5. A family picture. We never had that since. :(

6.To be successful in every path i will choose.

7. To have my very own car. I wouldn't have to hitch a ride anymore. :)

8.  Good supply of goods.

9. To be adopted by Oprah. hahaha. (pangarap lang the highest level na!)

10. A BILLION DOLLAR bank account lang naman. :)

Day four- Ten things you want to say to a person

this was supposedly be posted yesterday. pero tinamad ako kaya heto...

1. I am trying my best to make you see how good I am, yet you don't see my effort. :(

2. I am not perfect and so are you. bleeh!

3. You are precious! more than anything else in this world. I hope you realize that. We love you.

4. If you think that everyone is untrue to you. I am not.

5. Everyone has the right to change. She has changed! Everyone does! So stop judging her for what she had done in the past! Who do you think you are? Ms. Perfect?

6. I am happy everyday. And that's all because of you! Thank you for making me feel I belong.  mag sige pata ha? hehe

7. I saw you earlier. You asked me if  I missed you...  "I do."

8. I want to see you again guys! My life would never be complete without you!

9. Motherette, Fatherette, Layking, Yanni, Pyang2x, Star, Arnie, Kramz, , I love you! I miss you!

10. Lord God, Sorry wala koy simba2x...pero you know I love you with all my heart. Thank you for making me a wonderful person and thank you for the beautiful things surrounding me. please Guide me with the right decisions everyday. True.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Three- Ten things I Hate

1. LATE!!! hahay pinoy! (I really hate this attitude!)

2. Strange stares (gosh! what have I done?)

3. Bad-hair-day Sucks!

4. Sae!!! (Momo chang's envious friend in Peach Girl Anime Series) I hate that b**ch

5. Doing the laundry alone. :(

6. Brown-outs

7. Rainy days! (Oh my flood!)

8. Pangunahan sa gagawin. Why can't they just let me do my thing?

9. Pessimists, stereotypes & mine-is-better attitude. Grrr!!

10. Reasoning out. (blah blah blah...You won't believe me anyway.)

There's many more. hehe :)

Day Two- Ten Things I Love

oOOps I think I'm a bit late on uploading this entry..
but it's alright!

1. Sweets (chocolate, candies, ice creams & etc.)

2. Cigarettes (not suitable for minors)

3.  Art materials (poster color, crayons, oil pastels, sketch pad & etc.)

4. Guitar

5. Hoodies & BIG shirts.

6. Cloudy days with no rain. (no sweat & never wet)

7. Pictures (capturing good memories) sigh!

8. Beaches

9. Peach Girl Anime Series ( 'm currently watchin' it)

10. Family & Friends

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day One- Ten things about you

1. I love travelling. Road trip especially, with a friend and an ipod. :)

2. I'm never the maarte type. I almost eat everything!

3. I cry myself at night whenever I miss someone important to me.

4. I had my first job when I was twelve.

5. I got a huge crush with Enchong Dee, Ryan Reynolds and Mr. S -- that I wouldn't mention his name. :)

6. I love getting drunk. O.o

7. I love dogs.

8. I hate being ditched! Grrrr...

9. I love Theater Arts!

10. I love you! wink!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Challenge.

I'm about to start the 10 day Blog challenge. It was introduced to me by Pett who got the idea from her friend Sheryl who was influenced by another friend Tina who got the idea from another friend Djoyy. haha...
Ila-ila nya ta ninyu. :)

By the way, here's how the blog challenge goes.

Day One – 10 Things About You
Day Two – 10 Things You Love
Day Three – 10 Things You Hate
Day Four – 10 Things You Want To Say To A Person
Day Five – 10 Wishes
Day Six – 10 Items You Cannot Live Without
Day Seven – 10 Important People
Day Eight – 10 Of Your Favorite Songs
Day Nine – 10 Ways To Win Your Heart
Day Ten – 10 Final Words

This will formally start tomorrow.


The real thing

get involved! join the campaign!

The symbol of a blue ribbon is the adopted international sign of child abuse prevention. What does it symbolize? It is the constant reminder to all of us to bring Justice to abused child victim’s of the world, and the individual responsibility to keep all of these innocent children/babies safe.
Its color signifies the bruised and battered bodies of the little children that are abused in their everyday life. Statistics show that before this day is over, three children will die from abuse, one of them will be a baby less than a year old; the other two will die before they celebrate their 5th birthdays. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cartoon Characters Flooding on FACEBOOK

When I checked my facebook this evening, I noticed something quite different.
Almost everyone has already changed their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon characters when they were young. 
Then I received a pm from my kuya...

"Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday(Dec.6) there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for the anti-violence against children."

I usually ignore forwarded messages. But for this... I thought for awhile...

"This is a nice thing to do actually... try ko nga."

Although I am so unsure if this thing would really help stop the violence against children, I decided to share this to my friends anyway.
If it is really about helping the advocacy for our young children to be protected, that would be great! But if  not, and if this is only a common form of chain messages from a creative source, well thanks to him because even though it sounds a little bit awkward, we can't deny it is still  fun to reminisce the good memories from our childhood, Diba? He reminded us how we, the grown-ups today have changed from those times when we use to enjoy the cartoon characters from television.

During those times, we would  cry for the remote control if Dad had to change the channel from Doraemon to the local news in the evening. We  go home early from school just to watch our favorite afternoon anime series of our very hero Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. We would even stay uplate at night just to sneak a moment to watch Power Rangers. The Digital Monsters every Friday was the topic of the classroom's "chismis"  on an early Monday  morning. We would buy the latest game cards and pogs to play with our friends. Sometimes we would play as the lead characters and say their lines in a little tree house at the backyard. In the middle of the class, we draw our favorite characters at the back of our notebook if we find the lesson so boring. And sometimes we forget to eat meals on a weekend cartoon marathon.

sigh! OH how i miss those days!
One of my favorite cartoon character is Judy Abbott. Her story originated from the novel "Daddy Long-legs" by an american writer Jean Webster. If you know her story you could really relate to me. 
She was an orphan who dreamed of having a good life, education, and a family.
I just love her passion for writing that's why i decided to choose her as my favorite cartoon character.

simpleng pagpapalit ng primary photo lang naman yan eh. wala namang mawawala kung tutuusin.
limang araw rin lang kaya bigyan nyo na ng chance ang mga sarili nyong maibalik ang munting ala-ala ng ating kabataan noon. malay nyo makakatulong din 'to sa mga kabataan natin ngayon.

hwag nang mag pahuli..

uso-uso lang naman.

maki uso na.. :)

nakapili na 'ko...

who's yours?