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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ms. HeLL!!

Ms.Hell, thats the name saved on my phonebook.
but most of the time,, you would often hear me calling her "Dai",
that's what we use to address ourselves when we see eachother in the school.

We met eachother just last semester, she was my classsmate in NSTP.
it's really hard to recall what exactly happened why we became friends.
she was seated right beside me when we were in a meeting.
The meeting was so dry that everyone there was yawning and could really fall asleep.
I was staring at the clock... It's almost time!
I've heard my classmates whispering behind me "time na..Time na!"
She looked at me and smiled..
Because i am friendly.. i smiled at her too...
I then told her... "DAi, ingna ragud si sir time na."
from then on.. we started chatting and knowing each other's names.

Yesterday was her birthday...
And since i don't have any gifts for her yet...
maybe this post would make her smile. :)
"smile daw beh?? nawng diay??" hahahaha

Why is this post entitled Ms. HeLL?? 
is she some sort of a "katawang lupa"? or "demonya" perhaps??
hahaha... of course not...

You could really say she's a bit "maldita" in the first impression.
And because she has a fair skin, you would say she's "maarte".
Yes I had those impressions too.

But if you would only know her as well as i do.
You would discover another Ms. Hell you thought you knew.

She's never maarte!!! food?? sus! walang nakakaligtas sa babaeng toh! just like me... halos kayang kainin lahat! she even dared me to eat exotic foods from a certain restaurant. pwehh. yoko nga!

She's got talent!!! One time i was in her place, galing kami nag overnight sa beach at di na ako nakauwi... during lunch time, pumunta kami sa bahay ni Tito Rob. Mabait naman si Tito Rob at pinakain niya kami ng bonggang brunch with matching videoke pa while waiting for the food. I had goosebumps when i heard Ms. Hell sing... "Brick by Boring Brick" ng Paramore..
di ako maka paniwala!! ka boses talaga!

Enjoy talaga pag si Ms. Hell kasama ko. hayss...
we've shared so many things already, these include the dramas, the  happy moments, the celebrations, the heart to heart talk, the downfalls, the misfortunes, the trippings (haha trip?)
and the "tugsh-tugsh!"
Siguro ang di pa namin nagagawa ng sabay is yung mag pakabait. haha! (aynag palag jah!)

per wait...BAkit nga ba "Ms. Hell??"
Hehe... simply because... she's frickin' hott! haha.. 

Oh! by the way... this is ms hell :)

She's sweet, caring, humble, talented (kaboses niyan si Haley ng Paramore!!), smart, thoughtful, honest(sometimes not hahaha), nice, sweet, humble, talented, friendly, nice, sweet and uhhmmm... sweet?
hahaha... ahw.. generous pud diay. :) 
(favorite niya manlibre ng kahit ano basta mey ice)
ex. ice crumble, ice candy, ice pop, ice cream, iced black pearl, ice water and obcorz... TANDUAY ICE!

"Dai, this is all I could that you are legal, pede naka ma priso.. haha. Bitaw hehe, I wish you all the best things in life. You may not yet have everything you want for now..don't worry... E- SALE rana nila kadugayan... hahaha... bitaw, joke. I know you have a good heart and a great personality... xemperr.. pareha jud tah. haha ahw. :) Stay sweet as you are and never let pessimists destroy you. You are who you are, never change,but if you do.. change for good. Now that you ain't a li'l girl anymore...You should come up with the right decisions. You know right decisions won't come up over night.right? Think a million times. 

Dai oi, I'm hoping for us to stay friends for the rest of time untill we age 90and  together we will reminisce the old times dayun. char! haha.. I am so happy that i have met you. I could not ask for more... we both agree for almost everything! pati mga crush pareha! hahaha... hayss yes nalang!... know what? I miss the times katung pareha pata ug spare time. I just hope that this gap between us wont let us forget what we've started. You've met new friends na raba, basin maka limot nya ka naku..haha. drama! So if ever you encounter problems which is really normal for LADIES like US (haha), or even if you only want someone to talk to, pak! i'm just a text away. hehe. But if things gets so tough and you find it very hard to handle... don't  hesitate to call him who's just a prayer away too, and it's God. Amping dai. happy beer day lav yah!"

-Arvel :D

Happy 18th Birthday 
Ms. Michelle Aeriel C. YbaƱez!


Ms. Hell


glentot said...

Very pretty! Happy Birthday Miss Hell...

Athena said...

ang ganda nmn nya.....

Anonymous said...

iroooo ... ers kau cla dai ... ahw mkahilak ko dai hahaha

Arvel Soian GB. said...

glentot & Athena,

salamat sa comment nyo...
hayaan nyo.. makakarating sa kanya to. :)

narealize ko rin...
meron rin palang bumabasa ng blog ko. hehe..

maraming salamat. :)

michelle said...

tenchu dai mwuahhh :-*

Michelle said...

flatterd au q ... 4 ol s ato mga bnuang enjoy kau ta noh ??? haha btaw ... stay as u are dai mis our bonding ... tc prme god bless

Ester Yaje said...

ang ganda ni ms. hell. and i think bisaya pud ka. becoz of " dai, ingna ra gud si sir time na" hehehe

Arvel Soian GB. said...

@ester.. salamat! hehe i'll tell her this.

ou.. bisaya pud ko. hehe.

salamat sa pagbisita sa akung balay!

bisita nya kosa imo. :D