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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A day with the GABRIELS

yesterday! so unforgettable!
It was so nice meeting them again, the Gabriels.
Yesterday was the announcement of the winners of 
It's sad not winning the cheer dance competition
 but it's not bad to have won the second place.
We don't want to blame each other for the failure.
Winning is never the goal anyway,
 it's the fun and frolics out from every individual who participated the activities.
A loss does not  mean a dead end.
Our precious lives does not stop there.
 We don't need to have something that would throw a team apart.
Because in the end, it is just a game.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we fail but no matter what,
 we should never forget that we can't win a game alone.

and that is without ...


But after all, i guess everyone did their part and also learned their lesson.
it made me happy for that.

Cheers! Gabriels!


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meLaii said...

weeeeeeeeeew. i ♥ this one. im so gonna miss you kuya's :) next tym again. thnx kaau 4 the moments ah? appreciate au namu eventhough mga gahi au mi ug mga ulo stil, inyu japun mi na handle-lan wid patience. :) in behalf sa group .. thank you so beri many. :) nya, ma miss mu namu. wly. :)