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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Strange Stare

So he went home not so late that night.
As he walked through the stairs, he wondered why it's a little bit silent than the usual.
He slowly opened the noisy screen door to get in.
All eyes are looking at him strangely, as if he was an intruder. But the fact that he lives there.
They wanted to ask questions, but they remained silent.
Then words from the woman's mouth came. She uttered... "Where have you been?"
When he was about to answer... "Who was with you?"
"My friends." he said quickly. "I was..."
he didn't get the chance to explain himself to them.
Behind the woman was the door to his room. He hurried right there to start thinking.
He thought that they had been talking about him just before he came.

All of a sudden, silence filled the room.
The door creaked, footsteps was heard.
The woman checked on to him.
Looking at him as if nothing is happening. She called his name... "Could you do this?" she said.
Behind her was another woman. She looks younger than her. They're much alike in physical features.
It was her sister. The one she was talking with awhile ago.
She looked at him in a different way than the other woman did. It seemed like she sees him like he had killed somebody and like she was cursing him to death.

With his very innocent eyes, he stared at her too, but the usual way.
Although he gets the idea that the people around him doesn't seem to be nice that night, he still managed to keep his head up. He didn't let their strange stare spoil the great night that happened earlier.
The night ended, he didn't look at them back. He just let their eyes follow him until they forgot that he was their topic.

Some stares do upset you.

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Anonymous said...

Tama kaayo na imung gi buhat..hahaha XD