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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I do love popcorn!

It has been my favorite since I was in elementary especially when watching movies in the cinema.

I remember one time, I was with my ex. We went to see a movie. Before we checked in, I asked him if he would like a popcorn. He said yes, so, I bought a large popcorn with super cheeze on top matched with two large drinks.
We went in and found seats for us. I seated first and placed my drink on the soda placer when suddenly i found out that it's broken. I told him to hold the large popcorn which i was holding. I handed it to him then I checked the soda placer.

With all my heart, i felt like "Ooh ghaaad!!". I heard something swooshy in front of me.
It happened too fast. I looked at him, he was looking at the big screen. He just smiled, he didn't know what happened. I smiled back and asked him where's the popcorn. His eyes bloated and seen that the very large cheezy popcorn was all over my shoes. I cant even remember how he reacted.
It was just very tragic! Sigh! I didn't even had a single bite from it.

I did not text him for a week just because of that
 "large popcorn with super cheeze on top" spoiled on my shoes.

Last night, I was at my friends house. My friends invited me for a movie marathon.
And of course, because it's all about movies... there was POPCORN!
I think I ate much of it that it breaks the cycle of my digestive system and 
up until now my stomach hurts like hell.! haha.


Anonymous said...

Haha..mao na, kaon pa..

Sunud lage, manghatag ka nako..hahahha

Bout your ex, hmmmn, curios ko, haha..hmmmn,

inotseJ said...

ahahha,.,usa ka semana jhud nga wala txtseh para ato??

hala kah.,.