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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh my BLog!

(type..type..type...) oh ghad!
(delete... delete... delete..!!)

How do you write a blog when it's your first time?
I am feeling a bit confused. A bit??
Oh Ghaad! I'm freaking out. haha.
My hands are really shaking as i press each letter on my keyboard. its like "oh ghaadd!"
It has been a long time since I grabbed a pen and wrote something on my diary. As far as I can remember it was about five months ago. No wonder why I'm messing up here, struggling for words just to come up with my first blog. But you see this time, it's not pen and pad anymore.

Oh hey! I'm typing! haha...

(an hour later)

(...type... type.. type..
..delete.. delete.. delete..)
Oh Ghaad!

My mind keeps on throwing me questions that i refuse to answer.
How would i finish this thing? sigh!

(another hour later)

Why wouldnt I just share what i am thinking right now?
I think it would make this blog easier for me to finish then.

so i came up with this:

"I think i'm gonna die aiming to finish my first blog.!"
"I think i'm having an internal hemorrhage!"
"I think my heart pumps super dooper  blood that runs up to my nose!"
"I think my body would be found dead infront of my pc tomorrow!"
"I think im hungry and im gonna get some food.. brb."
"I think im funny because im doing this."
"I think im boring because i can't write a thing with a thought."
"I think nobody would read my blogs after this."
"I think i need a rest so i'm gonna head on my bed."
"and I think, Oh yes! I think I'll go ahead.!"

(after everything)

Oh hey! look!
Oh my BLog!
i'm so done!

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Anonymous said...!..wala lang jud kay lingaw vel..haha..maayo rajud mag sleep ka..haha..

dugangi pud ug pictures, designs and evrything..hahaha