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Friday, October 22, 2010

Gisapot ku!

Earlier this evening, i went to buy meds for my sick lola. Before the pharmacist asked me what i need. I checked on my phone first. I got three msgs. from an old friend. "E"

"E": wer ka now?
me: im in the city i'd be home soon.. y?
"E": ahh ok tell me if youre home nah ha? i need your signature for something.
me: okey i'll text u as soon as i got home ok. see you later.

my phone's battery is almost empty when i got home.
so i checked my status on facebook while charging my phone.
I waited for 3o mins. until it was half  charged.

then i texted my friend...

me: "E" wer na ka?

i waited for a couple of minutes before he replied.

"E": oh hey.. wer u now? see you at the covered court. ok?
me: ok i'd be there in a moment.

and because the covered court is just a walking distance away from my home. I hiked.

Me: im on my way. sugata ko.

(10 mins. later)

"E": aha naman ka? naa ko brgy hall.
Me: ok. sugata ko. i'll take the path near the school.

(another 10 mins.)

Me: hey! wer na u? how come i dont see you here?

(5 mins)

"E": wer na u? i'll wait for you here in "something street" ( located at the other brgy)
me: what?? thats too far from here. abi nakug sa covered court rata mag kita? muuli nalang ko ui.!

(10 mins.)

still waiting.

"E": ali!
Me: aie dahh ambot!! wai klaru!! ingun ka gaina nga dri ta magkita unya karun muingun napud ka nga didtu ra sa pikas baryo? my ghaadd!! kakapoi! muuli nlang ku!

i went home.

Right in the living room. I sat watching my fave TV series, "Imortal" which is a new show.
i heard a beep on my phone.
i saw his name in the inbox.

"E": hey. asa naman ka? dri rako wait ha??

Me:  amboot!!! late kaayu imung repz! i think it's best not to bother me this time. gisapot ku!

"E": anhaon nalang tka dha sa inyu later.

Me: ayna!!! gikapui ku!



salamat sa pag basa!

"i didnt know blogging converts ur emotion rin pala. haha."

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Pett said...

whatta night! guess what? my phone is about to die (read my entry) and anytime soon it will.

i NEED a new one. and i am so frustrated, no, depressed.