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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day Seven- Ten important people

This is tough! I'm sure those who won't be on the list and get to read this will surely hate me. haha. cheers!

1. Motherette
2. Fatherette
3. K.L.A.A.S. (Kramz, Lycah, Arnie, Star,  at Ako!) haha
4. Yanni & Pyang2x
4. Cha
5.  My three Aunts (Mama Nancy, Mama Grace & Mama Emily)
6. Ms. Hell
7. ABnoiz
8. Vains
9. Ninang
10. You :)


Anonymous said...

Arvel! <3
Naa ko. Ahoho. IMY! :*


Arvel Soian GB. said...

thank you lei. IMY2!!

Anonymous said...

wrong spelling ang akong name dili ko mo sugot. . but still it was nice very nice. . im gonna give u a high ten for this. . good job. . ñ_ñ luv u and i miss u my frend. . starr hur. ..

Anonymous said...

:) hehe

Inotsej said...

10. you??? means meh???hehehe