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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Five- Ten wishes!!!

Lately I've been posting a wish on my FB account. here's the list:

1. A brand new phone: Nokia X3 touch & type. :3

2. To attend my first ever reunion with my elementary classmates in Bukidnon. Mama promised that to me. Sana matuloy.

3. To have our own house & lot. For us to settle down and won't have to rent houses anymore.

4. To have someone to love, be loved, & to grow old with. sigh!

5. A family picture. We never had that since. :(

6.To be successful in every path i will choose.

7. To have my very own car. I wouldn't have to hitch a ride anymore. :)

8.  Good supply of goods.

9. To be adopted by Oprah. hahaha. (pangarap lang the highest level na!)

10. A BILLION DOLLAR bank account lang naman. :)

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Inotsej said...

tama.,.wish ra btaw na.,.itudo mo na vel.,.