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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day One- Ten things about you

1. I love travelling. Road trip especially, with a friend and an ipod. :)

2. I'm never the maarte type. I almost eat everything!

3. I cry myself at night whenever I miss someone important to me.

4. I had my first job when I was twelve.

5. I got a huge crush with Enchong Dee, Ryan Reynolds and Mr. S -- that I wouldn't mention his name. :)

6. I love getting drunk. O.o

7. I love dogs.

8. I hate being ditched! Grrrr...

9. I love Theater Arts!

10. I love you! wink!


glentot said...

Whoa napa-tambling ako sa mga crush mo hehehehe sana ma-achieve mo sila.

Arvel Soian GB. said...


haha.. oo nga naman.. sana nga noh?
sasabayan ko yang tambling mo ng split pag nagkataon. hahaha

Anonymous said...

ow?..naa pay wink2 sa last!haha..

wink nalang pd ko!XXD


Arvel Soian GB. said...

@kirstine: wink!