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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Eight- Ten of your favorite songs

My favorite songs are not actually the latest songs you hear today. But i'm sure all of them are memorable. Papa always told me that the latest songs doesn't last long rather than the classics and the oldies. He was more into the Beatles, Jim Croce, England Dan, Eric Clapton, BeeGees, and Etc--the bands in his time.

Mine's a little bit extracted from the oldies too but it doesn't mean I don't listen to the music of today's generation. In fact, I love listening to all kinds of music whether it be pop, jazz, rock metal, hardcore, house music, techno, trance, emo, ballad, blues, country music, and Opm. It doesn't matter as long as its good to hear, easy to understand, gives me a picture of what it says, and drives out my emotion, then that's my music.

So here's the list from Ten of my favorite songs...

1. Rocketeer- Far East Movement

2. I could not ask for more- Sarah Evans

3. Fall to pieces- Avril Lavigne

4. Head over Feet- Alanis Morisette

5. Every Little Thing- Dishwalla

6. Before I let you go- Freestyle

7. On My Own- Lea Salonga

8. Tonight- FM Static

9. Mama- Spice Girls

10. Any song from Callalily. :)

salamat sa time! 

:) cheers!

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