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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day four- Ten things you want to say to a person

this was supposedly be posted yesterday. pero tinamad ako kaya heto...

1. I am trying my best to make you see how good I am, yet you don't see my effort. :(

2. I am not perfect and so are you. bleeh!

3. You are precious! more than anything else in this world. I hope you realize that. We love you.

4. If you think that everyone is untrue to you. I am not.

5. Everyone has the right to change. She has changed! Everyone does! So stop judging her for what she had done in the past! Who do you think you are? Ms. Perfect?

6. I am happy everyday. And that's all because of you! Thank you for making me feel I belong.  mag sige pata ha? hehe

7. I saw you earlier. You asked me if  I missed you...  "I do."

8. I want to see you again guys! My life would never be complete without you!

9. Motherette, Fatherette, Layking, Yanni, Pyang2x, Star, Arnie, Kramz, , I love you! I miss you!

10. Lord God, Sorry wala koy simba2x...pero you know I love you with all my heart. Thank you for making me a wonderful person and thank you for the beautiful things surrounding me. please Guide me with the right decisions everyday. True.


Pett said...

uuy nag sorry kay Lord

Arvel Soian GB. said...

@Pett: hehehe.. lagi pett. mura kug na angel kadali.. haha :)

Inotsej said...

i like 1. 3. 5. and 10..